Golf has the reputation of a sport made for the rich. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that any beginner believes that they should invest in expensive, high-quality equipment if they wish to enjoy it fully and have a decent start. Is this a prerequisite or just a misconception though?


Golf clubs – cheap or expensive?

Being the most important piece of equipment, it calls for your undivided attention. Firstly, know that not all cheap clubs are clones of big brands. Some affordable models are made by new, emerging manufacturers trying hard to beat the competition. To make sure you’re getting a quality item, the club head needs to be made of beta titanium, carbon steel or stainless steel. In the matter of forged clubs versus cast in molds, the latter are definitely cheaper. If the brand offers a warranty to its clubs, then it’s a sign you can trust it. If you wish to get expensive originals, better buy them from another player. Used clubs can still work flawlessly.


Are helping electronic devices really necessary?

Along with rangefinders, GPS equipment is a new addition to a golf player’s gear. It’s essential to know the course very well therefore this will help you a great deal. The best golf GPS is the pre-loaded type – such devices can store at least 6,000 golf courses and are ready to use right away. Besides, these have a series of additional functions, such as distance measuring and score keeping. A rangefinder will struggle in less than ideal weather conditions; therefore a GPS device is the better choice.


The right kind of ball and its price

If we are to compare cheap to expensive tour balls, there would be no difference in performance. Therefore, it makes no sense to invest more, hoping it would improve your play. It’s all in the skill of the golf player, no matter what others try to tell you. Some may blame the ball quality for their lack of skill.


Do drivers need to be expensive?

“Expensive is better” is a rule you’d better ditch this time, too. A pricier driver isn’t necessarily superior in any way. With prices ranging between $50 and $500, why wouldn’t you shop around and lower your expenditure? Besides, if you are a beginner, you have no need of a driver with adjustable club faces or weights that can be moved. In any case, purchasing an expensive driver does not mean you will actually hit it. It’s the brand that makes the price and you’re usually just paying for a big name, nothing more.


How to choose putters

The putter has a huge influence on your score. Its weight and shape determine how it behaves in the game, especially the way weight is distributed. The length of the putter should be your main selection criteria. You should avoid putters that are too long for you (be careful, it’s a frequent mistake golfers make). Your stroke will largely depend on this.

In golf, it’s practice that makes you better, not big expenses. In conclusion, you don’t need any kind of pricy equipment. This doesn’t mean you can safely go for the cheapest either. Get additional advice from experienced players who are aware that famous brands don’t make golfers good at what they do.