If you regularly work out, then you need to buy good workout clothes. However, are you buying the right workout clothes? More often than not, we judge clothes based on brand labels and other such marketing gimmicks. But that’s not at all what determines a good set of activewear. If you are prone for going by the label, you could be making the following mistakes when buying exercise clothes:

Buying Tight Fitting Clothing

Yes, we all want to look good even at the gym. However, do not sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. When buying workout clothes, always make sure you are buying the most comfortable items. Your workout clothes should never be too tight fitting, which can cause discomfort, or baggy, which can result in chafing and other issues. Most people tend to buy clothes that fit in too tight. Some women, for example, seem to believe that tight fitting clothes can also act as weight training garments. That’s not at all true. Your yoga tops are not corsets, and your womens activewear leggings is not shapewear. You wear them to exercise without discomfort. So buy only clothes that fit properly.

Not Buying Clothes to Match Outside Temperature

Different seasons require different sets of workout clothes. In winter, you will need to wear layers over your typical workout item. So, make sure your buy seasonal clothes that won’t leave you exposed to excessive heat or cold. You can buy general workout clothes, but only if the items are easy to wear under layers when the temperature drops. Don’t think that the heat from exercise will keep you warm. It will not and you will need season appropriate activewear.

Choosing Rough Fabrics

Don’t choose fabrics that are too rough. Workout clothes ideally are made from smooth material that slide right over skin and feel very comfortable. Rough fabrics could cause chafing. Buyers are more prone to making this mistake in winter, as some believe rougher fabrics will be better at keeping out the cold. May be, but you are also risking several nasty chafing wounds. So choose material that is soft and silken to feel comfortable.

Choosing Natural Material over Synthetic

If you are buying regular clothes, then materials like cotton could be preferred. However, for workout clothes, synthetic materials are the best. Natural material like cotton is absorbent. That means they will weigh heavily against your skin as you sweat harder. Synthetic material on the other hand will keep the sweat off your skin, which is an ability called wicking. Synthetic material like polyester is also very soft, and will not easily chafe.

Not Choosing Activity Appropriate Items

When buying workout clothes, always buy items that is appropriate for the main exercise you will be performing. For example, if you plan on using the treadmill or cycling, buy short shorts and sleeveless tops that won’t get in the way. If you are going to weight lift mainly, then you can wear shirts and knee-length pants. Yoga requires its own set of clothes. Likewise, choose your exercise wardrobe carefully so you are comfortable.

Now, don’t make any of the above mistakes when buying workout clothes. Choose your options wisely.