As anyone who plays (often) will tell you, golf truly is a spectacular game, and one of the best in the world. But as much as it might seem effortless like the pros would have you think, on the contrary, it requires a lot of skill and precision to master. Though the game in itself is not as physically exerting as, say, basketball, there are a lot of other things that players need to take into consideration. As such, when starting out in golf, it is important to first be guided by a professional so you learn the ropes the right way, and secondly to bear in mind a few key things like the following.

Worrying About Judgements

When starting out with anything or putting yourself on the spot, it is natural to feel like people are watching you and judging you, which they probably are; but this is not the time nor the place to worry about that. If you are serious about learning golf, then you need to focus, and you cannot focus when half your mind is in the audience. Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and you fall into this too, so there is no reason to worry whatsoever.

Rush Off To Buy Equipment

You will, of course, need your own set of golf gear soon enough, but do not buy them on your first day out on the course. You need to first master your swing and posture, and ensure the ball makes contact with the club a majority of the time. Otherwise, you will just be stocking up on golfing gear without actually understanding the game. Be patient, and it will feel so much better when you hit a perfect shot with your own golf set instead of mediocre ones. Once you hit pro level, you can even look at your own golf buggies. Until then, patience.

Play On a Course

Not to discriminate or make you feel like an amateur on purpose, but you do have to understand how frustrating it would be for everyone else on the course if you keep smacking them in the face with the ball. In golf, you need to get the ball airborne, and at the start, this can be rather tricky. So until you can get there easily, it is best you play somewhere else, like at a range maybe, so you have all the room to make all the mistakes you need to.

Ignore Etiquette

Golf is a classy game, and it is kept that way by the etiquette and rules that govern it. It will definitely not entertain you swaggering in with an attitude, you will not last long. Some are small things, like not picking up others’ balls as they could be in the middle of a game which you would be ruining. Others carry more weight, and it would be good for you to familiarize yourself with them. They will definitely make your life easier, and you too will learn how to play golf the way it should be played.