One of the best ways to enjoy any sporting event is with a group of your friends or family. There is something about everyone united in their efforts to cheer on their favourite team that is truly wonderful. If you have ever tried to plan such an excursion, however, you are probably aware that there are a lot of moving parts to sort out. Failure to take the necessary steps could result in a great deal of hassle and a grumpy, disgruntled group. To prevent this from happening, here are some tips for you to follow:

Choose Your Group Carefully

This is actually one of the most important things that you will need to do. If you make a misstep here, the end may not go exactly as planned. First things first, make sure that everyone who is a part of your ensemble is actually interested in the sport. Most of these events could easily eat up half of your day. Not to mention, it probably requires being outdoors for hours on end in less than ideal weather conditions. This will be even tougher on people who can’t really appreciate the sport in question. This is why it is important to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If you do want to take along someone who is not all that interested in the sport, make sure that they know what to expect.

Book Well in Advance

Imagine that you are heading to an AFL game, in this case it is imperative that you book your AFL tickets ahead of time. In fact, the earlier the better. This is because you are going to need to make the necessary reservations before others have the chance to. As you will be attending in such a large group, you will need to reserve a large number of seats, preferably together. If you wait too long, most of the seats will have been taken. This will result in your group having to sit separately, scattered around the arena. When you are making the booking, check to see if there are any discounts or promotions for making such a large reservation.

Co-ordinate with Everyone

The larger the crowd, the more difficult it is to communicate with everyone. It is a good idea to have a leader of sorts, one person who is in charge of arranging the whole thing. Of course, they can delegate and get others to help out. However, everything will go a lot smoothly if all of the arrangements are run past one person. That being said, you should consider setting up a chat group that is dedicated to this particular outing. This way, everyone will be updated at the same time and can make any necessary alterations or suggestions then and there.

Figure Out Transportation

All that there is left to do now is to get to the sporting event. This is a good time to figure out just how everyone is getting to the game. Will you be travelling in groups or will everyone find their own way there? It is best to travel in larger numbers so that there will be less coordinating to do.

These is what you need to know to organise a group trip to any sporting event. This will make it a lot more fun for everyone involved.